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2014 Match: BMC Has 98% Match Rate for Categorical Positions

Baystate Medical Center's 10 residency programs had an overall match rate of 98% for categorical positions (86 of 88), and 96% for all positions (86 of 90). In addition, 24 fellows will be starting in 15 fellowships. In total, 117 trainees will begin their programs on July 1, 2014.

According to NRMP, 40,000+ registrants comprised the largest main residency match ever. The overall match rate to first year positions was 75%—about 50% matched to their first choice.

Baystate Pharmacy PGY-1 and PGY-2 pharmacy residency positions have also been filled.


Anesthesiology Residency

  • Nana Adwoa Andoh, MD
  • Thomas Brock, MD
  • Christina Ly, DO
  • Saravanakumar Manickam, MD
  • Kayla Mcgrath, MD
  • Tuyet Lan Pham, DO
  • Curtis Thacker, DO
  • Timothy Ungerer, DO
  • Adam Wilkens, DO

Emergency Medicine Residency

  • Benjamin Church, DO
  • Michael Dalla Betta, DO
  • Babette Davis, DO
  • Gwendolyn Downs, MD
  • Alexandra Harris, DO
  • Kenneth Knowles, MD
  • Kinsey Leonard, DO
  • Natalie Moore, MD
  • Katerina Papa, DO
  • Sheema Samdani, DO
  • Zachary Testo, MD
  • Konstantin Vatrenko, DO
  • Sarah Watkins, DO

Internal Medicine Residency

  • Nitesh Ainani, MD
  • Fahd Almohid, MD
  • Siloe Alvarado Chittenden, MD
  • Ghassan Alzayer, MD
  • Lissa Berroa Garcia, MD
  • Nicolas Cal, DO
  • Soumabha Das, MD
  • Jonathan Davis, MD
  • Gina Friedt, DO
  • Reju George, MD
  • Santhi Gokaraju, MD
  • Safieh Golestaneh, MD
  • Vikram Grewal, MD
  • Mini Hariharan, MD
  • Luke Mantle, MD
  • Rohini Meka, MD
  • Rehan Mujahid, DO
  • Alliam Ortiz, MD
  • Shakil Shaikh, DO
  • Monica Thim, DO
  • Ahmad Turk, MD
  • Ritika Vankina, MD
  • Archana Vasudevan, DO

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency

  • Clara Chu, MD
  • Nura El Haj, MD
  • Ghino Francois, MD
  • Grace Kim, MD
  • Jessica Penney, MD
  • Matthew Shiel, MD
  • David Sorkin, MD
  • Anna Zenno, MD

Obstetrics-Gynecology Residency

  • Danielle Granieri, DO
  • Tong Liu, MD
  • Deepali Maheshwari, DO
  • Elizabeth Otmaskin, DO
  • Joelle Perkins, DO
  • Renee Thibodeau, MD

Pathology Residency

  • Andrew Elin, DO
  • Hasan Khatib, MD
  • Jayati Mallick, MD
  • Sung-Hee Oh, MD
  • Suchitra Sangappa, MD

Pediatrics Residency

  • Bei Bei Chen, MD
  • Rachel Clarke, MD
  • Shannon Fitzgerald, MD
  • Danielle Bonnie Gibbs, MD
  • Ebaa Jastaniah, MD
  • Vijay Manne, MD
  • Maayan Melamed, MD
  • Karolina Ogrodnik, DO
  • Mia Taylor Chandler, MD
  • Sphoorti Umarjee, MD
  • Eric Weber, MD
  • Sheung Lai Yuen, MD

Psychiatry Residency

  • Martha Ignaszewski, MD
  • Uruj Kamal, MD
  • Jacob Oyer, MD
  • Kelli Ruby, DO

Radiology Residency

  • Oliver Atar, MD
  • Attilio Macrito, DO
  • Bradley Mattson, MD
  • Daniel Thut, DO

Surgery Residency

  • Hany Abdallah, MD
  • En Yaw Hong, MD
  • Riaz Karukappadath, MD
  • Kailyn Kwong Hing, MD
  • Amanda Rabideau, MD
  • Mazvita Simoyi, MD
  • Ruchi Thanawala, MD
  • Michele Van Hal, MD
  • Laura Veras, MD
  • William Wagner, MD
  • Casey Woody, MD


Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

  • Auras Atreya, MD
  • Mohamed Kashef, MD
  • Khawar Maqsood, MD

Critical Care Fellowship

  • Patrick Eckert, MD
  • Hiba El-Qaddoumi, MD

Cytopathology Fellowship

  • Syed Gilani, MD

Electrophysiology Fellowship

  • Frank Laws, MD

Endocrinology Fellowship

  • Molly Emott, MD

Family Planning Fellowship

  • Antonella Lavelanet, DO, JD

Hematology/Oncology Fellowship

  • Leena Rahmat, MD
  • Abhishek Tripathi, MD

Infectious Disease Fellowship

  • Sarah Altamimi, MD

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

  • Allan Beall Sacasa, MD
  • Pablo Rengifo-Moreno, MD

Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

  • Amy Banks-Venegoni, MD

Nephrology Fellowship

  • Saed Nemr, MD
  • Dhivya Sundaramurthy, MD

Pain Medicine Fellowship

  • Rania Rifaey, MD
  • Mehyl Shah, MD
  • Joseph Strebel, MD

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship

  • Efrat Rosenthal, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship

  • Sena Cantas Orsdemir, MD

Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

  • Alexandra Lukianoff, MD

Wilderness Medicine Fellowship

  • Nicholas Daniel, DO






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