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Kevin Hinchey MD Awarded 2014 Weinberg Prize for Academic Excellence

Dr. Kevin Hinchey Accepting Baystate's Weinberg Prize

Dr. Kevin Hinchey Accepts the 2014 Weinberg
Award from Dr. Andrew Artenstein

Dr. Kevin Hinchey, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, and former Program Director of the Internal Medicine residency, was awarded the Weinberg Award for Academic Excellence, Baystate Health's highest academic honor, in October 2014.

Dr. Hinchey was surprised and very honored to receive the award, adding that it was very special to win an award named for Dr. Ethel Weinberg knowing that she is so highly esteemed for her significant contributions to graduate medical education.

Measuring Success Relationship by Relationship

"Kevin has influenced the lives of hundreds of medical residents, clinician-educators, and students, and all are better physicians and people as a result."

"His legacy of teaching and compassionate care has touched the lives of thousands of patients at our institution."

—Michael Rosenblum, MD
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency

Read Dr. Rosenblum's entire tribute.

Dr. Hinchey's relationships with his residents, like those with his patients, are very special to him. "It’s an honor to be brought in to a patient's life. Sometime residents let me into their life to that extent as well," he says.

Early in his career, one of Dr. Hinchey's residents told him that he had been the greatest influence on his life, second only to the resident's own father. Hinchey says that made a big impression on him, and he recognizes that influence as both an honor and a responsibility.

His Title is Chief Academic Officer, But He's Really a Coach

Dr. Hinchey relates that he played sports his entire life and credits his coaches for playing a big role in his development. He, himself, coached football, basketball and tennis during his time as a teacher.

He says he loves the coaching relationship, noting that it's not just teaching a subject, it's incorporating life experience, helping someone to be a better person.

According to Hinchey, a lot of what he does now as Chief Academic Officer is really coaching.

Changing the Perspective of What Academics Is

As CAO, Dr. Hinchey tries to introduce the concept that education and research are intimately related to patient care.

"Dr. Hinchey has had a distinguished career at Baystate as a teacher, educational innovator, program director, and ultimately senior leader. I can't think of anyone who better fulfills the qualities and accomplishments that constitute the Weinberg Award."

—Peter Lindenauer, MD
Director, Center for Quality of Care Research
2013 Weinberg Prize winner

"You can’t do patient care well without doing research on patient care," he says, describing clinical trials as a structured process of finding the best way to care for patients.

Hinchey cites Dr. Rachana Singh's recent research on personalizing treatment of addicted infants based on their in-utero exposure as an example of how Baystate changed the way patients are cared for today based on research that was conducted here at Baystate.

"If we didn’t do that (research) we would still be treating people the old way. It's better today than it was yesterday."

Emphasizing the Importance of the Team

"It goes back to the coach in me that things are always done on a team level," states Hinchey.

"I've been fortunate to be in time and place where I’ve been around good teams, and not diminishing what I contributed, but those things don’t happen in isolation. All the achievements of the EIP (Educational Innovations Project), I had a team that did that with me."

Using a team approach is how Dr. Hinchey envisions the future of healthcare will play out.

"I think and hope that where we are going is to have a healthcare team in primary care with different types of providers instead of just a PCP." In his view, people don't have to be ill to benefit from a healthcare team. "How many of us wouldn't love to have a health coach to help us stay healthy? I’m very optimistic, I think it will happen."

Learning Something From Everybody

Dr. Hinchey values the skills and expertise of everyone on the team, saying that he's had mentors and partners who have all influenced him in different ways.

Dr. Martin Broder, former chair of the Department of Medicine, impressed upon him the importance of treating everyone equally. "He told me, 'A doctor is a doctor is a doctor. If this job isn’t what an attending should do, it's not what an intern should be doing.'"

Hinchey says that Dr. Bob Ficalora, who preceded Hinchey as Internal Medicine Program Director, inspired him as a teacher with his ability to tell stories and engage learners. And, he credits the headmaster of the first school he taught at for emphasizing the value of being a teacher versus a content expert, adding that has stayed with him for more than 30 years.

Weinberg Family Prize Has Recognized Outstanding Academic Achievement Since 1997

The Weinberg Family Prize for Academic Excellence was established by Dr. Ethel Weinberg, first Chief Academic Officer at Baystate Medical Center, and her husband, Saul Weinberg. It is awarded annually to a faculty member whose innovative research, publications, or leadership of a national academic organization has brought honor to Baystate Health.

There have been 14 previous awardees.

"Kevin is the kind of person that you would want as your teacher, doctor, friend or father-in-law."

I have known Kevin since 1999,  when I first arrived in Western Massachusetts as an intern in the Baystate/Tufts internal medicine residency. Kevin (he would want to minimize his psychological size) is an extraordinary individual who is equally well respected as physician, educator and humanitarian. Kevin has influenced the lives of hundreds of medical residents, clinician-educators and students, and all are better physicians and people as a result. His legacy of teaching and compassionate care has touched the lives of thousands of patients at our institution.

Kevin has been recognized as a distinguished innovator in medical education. As the leader of our ACGME sponsored Educational Innovations Project (EIP) team, he was the architect of the Baystate Manager Model of competency based training and has been a remarkable source of unique educational modalities for the training of physicians at Baystate

Kevin has been involved in formal educational projects, research, and curriculum development but his true love and where his talents are most evident is when he is working with an individual or small group. He has an uncanny ability to inspire participation in his learners (and faculty) and to control an educational session with ease.  Kevin is at his best when discussing and fostering critical thinking in our trainees and students.

Dr. Michael Rosenblum

Dr. Michael Rosenblum succeeded Dr. Hinchey as Internal Medicine Residency Program Director.

On a more personal note,  Kevin has been a fantastic mentor to me as resident, chief resident and now as program director. Kevin always listens patiently and is very thoughtful about career development and skills assessment. He holds the development of his students, residents and clinician-educators at a very high level. Kevin is dependable, honest, remarkably hard working and creative. He raises the bar for all those fortunate enough to be around him.  Kevin has the singular gift of connecting with his learners and patients regardless of their background and life experience.

Kevin is the kind of person that you would want as your teacher, doctor, friend or father in law; he is knowledgeable, equitable, unbiased, flexible and avidly interested in your success. Kevin recognizes and enjoys that his success and legacy are reflected in the outstanding careers of those who have learned from and worked with him. His unique abilities as an innovative and outstanding educator of residents, students, patients, colleagues and other members of the healthcare team are standards for us to emulate.






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