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A newsletter for research & medical education July 2014


Academic Week 2014 Recognizes Baystate's Finest Researchers and Teachers

Academic Week celebrated the contributions of its physicians, residents, fellows, faculty, advanced practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals, and the community to clinical and educational research. Awards were presented at the capstone event on June 6, 2014.


Dr. Thomas Agresta
Dr. Thomas Agresta Polls Participants About Use of Technology

Keynote speaker Thomas Agresta MD, MBA, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Connecticut, challenged the audience to consider the challenges and opportunities that rapidly changing health information technology such as, EHRs, PHRs, Registries and HIEs, bring to educating students and residents.


Excellence in Teaching Award

Jim LaneThis award recognizes an employee who have made significant contributions towards engaging and motivating learners. 

James Lane, BS, MT (ASCP)
Lead Medical Technologist, Transfusion Medicine



Award for Outstanding Achievements in Clinical Research

Lori KozikowskiThis award recognizes the outstanding contribution of a research staff member to either the conduct of clinical research within Baystate or to the field.

Susan Garrow-Sloan, RN, BSN, CCRC
Clinical Research Coordinator, Pediatric Endocrinology




The Award Committee, chaired by Howard Smithline MD, reviewed over 75 abstracts from 23 departments. Twenty abstracts were recognized by the committee primarily for their innovation or rigor. Of those, 9 were selected for Abstract Presentation sessions. (Visit the Academic Week website for the full list of all recognized abstracts.)


As Baystate Matches Wits
As Baystate Matches Wits: Dr. Michael Picchioni Poised to Answer a Question

New this year was an entertaining yet informative event, As Baystate Matches Wits. Audience members used audience response "clickers" to answer questions about education and research, such as the number of active research studies at Baystate (400+) and whether one of them was "Survival Time of Chocolates in Hospital Wards." (Yes, it's a real study, but not at Baystate).






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